Apr 14, 2017

Mommy Tummy


Diastasis Recti (DR) is the spreading of the abdominal muscles during the late stages of pregnancy. It is especially prevalent in multiple deliveries or deliveries of multiples, excessive weight gain during pregnancy, older maternal age successive pregnancies within a year. In diastasis recti, the gap between the two sides is about 1-3 cm. If the gap does not close and heal in the normal postpartum period, treatment is recommended.

Don't skip straight to surgery, There now is a splint that is wrapped around the abdominals to close the gap and support the abs while performing effective exercises.

Treatment should not include exercises such as crunches or sit ups. These exercises can actually stretch the connective tissue and worsen DR. Avoid traditional core work in favor of movements that encourage the muscles to come together at the middle. Concentrate on pulling your abdominals toward your backbone when standing and sitting. You can also lie on your back and do alternate leg or knee lifts again, pulling your tummy in toward your backbone. A table top position pulling the abs iup and inward. Avoid the "cow" pose. This will only stretch the connective tissue out further.

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